Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blue Jean Upcycle Part Deux

So, I got the waistband covered. I broke two size 100 needles to do it. It gets a bit thick along the seam line. I dropped the feed dogs and used my darning food to messy sew everything on.
I sewed the belt loops back on. Not to bad if I say so myself. 

Next I appliqu├ęd the flower and other embellishments. I still had my darning foot on. Here is a picture of the starting point.
...and the finished flower. By the way, big flowers like this one are great ways to learn and practice free form sewing.
I added a little bird from one of my favorite fabrics. 

The back needed a little something too. I thought some vines would work nicely. I of course used my Accucut to cut out the vines.

Here is the finished product! 


I still want to through it in the wash and see if everything holds up. I have a pile of jeans and guess what I'm doing tonight??? Yep, seam ripping the side seams. I have plans for tomorrow! 

Until later!! 


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