Monday, May 18, 2015

I just had to give it a try

The Curious Orange Cat jumped up on my computer the other day. He said I am not utilizing the affiliate income opportunities out there. (I think secretly he needs new kitty toys.) So, I'm trying something new. Everyone says affiliate marketing is the way to go to help with making money with your blog. I have put this off for sooo long. I feel a little guilty. But then I'm not forcing anyone. So there's the thing. It is easy. See the little Amazon box on the right of my blog? You can click the Amazon logo. If you click that and go into Amazon via my blog and you make a purchase.... I get a little cash. Not a lot. It doesn't cost you any more either. It takes quite a few sales to add up. But then again, who knows. I hate ads all over blogs so I promise this is the only one you will see. So, can you help a girl out and if you can time. Come here, click my Amazon search and away you go. The Curious Orange Cat thanks you. This will help keep him in kitty toys for sure!

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