Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another Fine Mess I'm in....

 I have been so lazy bad lately. I haven't posted in waaay too long. Too much going on and then days where I just can't get myself to get anything done at all.
I would try to make it my new years resolution to post more often... but you know how that goes.

Anyway, I had so much fun making this skirt that I had to make another.

Skirt one....

I decided a wrap skirt would be perfect for different sized ladies.

A plain wrap skirt made with upcycled white t-shirt sections. The fabric was oh so soft. I thought it would be perfect for inside a messy and very scrappy skirt.

So now to find all the wonderful fabrics to make it shine.

Yep, piles of lovely lace and other wonderful fabrics.
So then it starts to look like this...

Piece by piece it get sewed on a long strip.

 Total from start to finish was three 5 hour days. So it is a bit of work. Not to mention dealing with booboo's  challenges.

Now to add a little more to hide any open spots. These laces are the expensive ones. You can thank two now gone over the rainbow bridge puppies for having these available. So much for my expensive vintage lace tablecloth.

Okay, so some of the special stuff is new. But check this out!!

Yeah baby. This is the good stuff. A table cloth made from this nowdays would be upwards of $1000. I use it sparingly in my creations. I'll be sad when it is all gone. Thank you Scooby and Zoey.

So here is the finished product. TaDa!!!

I paired it up with this colorful flannel shirt I got for Christmas. I thought this would make a perfect fun western wedding outfit. White lace leggings, boots and a white hat... to die for!!

Of course both are for sale in my etsy shop!
Skirt 1 link...

and Skirt 2 link...
So that is all for this time. I will be working on some smaller fun things soon.