Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Official. I'm Getting Published!

I'm so excited! I have been working on my sewing creations for my Etsy store for some time now. My goal still is 100 items.
I'm working on it pretty steadily.
I'm having a blast creating. I get side tracked so easily. But it always comes out well.

This is one of my favorites. It fits me of course. But I won't make any money putting stuff in my closet.

So back to the getting noticed thing.
I got my courage up and submitted an upcycled red jacket and skirt outfit to Altered Couture Magazine.  Lo and behold within a day after I sent it off, I got an email from the assistant managing editor asking about another dress on my Etsy store.
They hadn't even gotten my package yet!

I guess it was meant to be. I got the "official" email letting me know two of my creations were chosen for a future issue. I'm thinking February. Plus, they still have the red outfit and I sent them another hoping for another submission the future. We will see. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I get to write two 600 to 700 word articles for the submissions... yea!! (said in a weak voice). I didn't know there would be homework!

I feel like I have finally found my "thing".

Something I love to do everyday. I dream about sewing these outfits. Crazy huh?
I'm working on getting noticed by potential customers.

 Etsy has many areas to get great help. Forums for questions and groups to join for support and education.

I have been reading a bit of unhappiness with the new seller rules. Etsy now allows sellers to have other people make their products. I don't think it will take long for sellers who are actually manufacturers to show up. I have seen them already. It isn't too hard to find them.

However, I see Etsy as a simple avenue for selling to my customers and giving them a place to find me.

I realize I need to be proactive in attracting customers.
Opening a store, adding products and waiting for the sales to roll in just isn't going to happen.
 It takes work!
Sending submissions to magazines is pretty scary. But it is necessary to market myself. No one else is going to do it for me.

I learn new things everyday in both my sewing and marketing. But for now, I'm enjoying the process.

Until next time....