Sunday, June 2, 2024

Im Slowly Breaking Up With Etsy

 Ok, fine. I said I would blog more and I lied. I have so many projects, blogging just gets forgotten. But I just started a new venue for selling and I want to put my thoughts out there. 

I just signed up with a new online selling venue called Goimagine. It feels like it is really trying to be what Etsy was years ago when it was fun. Now Etsy just feels like a big Alibaba site. Or…really high end things from the cool kids. Seems they will suspend you in a hot second for something ridiculous but the sellers blatantly violating Etsy’s policies gets a pass if they have thousands of sales. I actually blame their bot for most of the trouble. You can’t reason with a bot anyway.   

So I’m slowly working my way out of Etsy. 

I like that Goimagine makes you apply to have a shop there. I’m just hoping I can get a few sales like I use to on Etsy. 

Hopefully I’ll keep this up and post about my progress in case any of you are thinking about looking for a new selling venue. 

Here’s to thinking positive.