Saturday, March 23, 2013

Steampunk Sexy Librarian Dress

Ok, so that is quite a title. But I was thinking it would fit that category on my Etsy site. Anyway, my newest creation or re-creation.

I had the BEST time making this dress. I thought about it for quite a few days. I was originally going to do the cutout a little differently but it just wouldn't do what I wanted. So I sewed strips of old sheer curtains and my most favorite table cloth. My dogs when they were puppies had torn a hole in it and I have kept it trying to decide how to fix it. I used strips of it in the center. It looks so much better in real time. My camera phone does not do it justice. It is a size 8. I just have to sew down the lace on the shoulders and then off to my Etsy site it goes. I just wish I could make a living doing this. I could do it all day. Way too much fun!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Upcycled Fun

Well, I have been a bit busy. I have been having way too much fun doing some upcycling with a bunch of clothes I found at the second hand store. Here is my latest creation finished. My camera is terrible with color. I had to tweek the color a bit. This picture almost has it right on! My etsy site it looks pretty drab. Maybe someday I'll get a big girl camera.

I added some pretty antique lace I have had forever and a cute batik and lace skirting in the back.
Too bad it is a small. I would sooooo wear this! but alas, I'm not quite the right size. So I put it in my Etsy store. Curious Orange Cat Etsy Store I can't wait to get back to the sewing room. So many ideas so little time.

Here is another creation. It is a very whimsical skirt made from scraps of an old table cloth, antique lace, silk ribbon. Even some old linings from some really nice cashmere coats. Not sure what to do with them just yet.
But check it out!

Again, a size small. This is the back.
I had way too much fun making this!
Can't wait to get back to my sewing room.