Saturday, March 23, 2013

Steampunk Sexy Librarian Dress

Ok, so that is quite a title. But I was thinking it would fit that category on my Etsy site. Anyway, my newest creation or re-creation.

I had the BEST time making this dress. I thought about it for quite a few days. I was originally going to do the cutout a little differently but it just wouldn't do what I wanted. So I sewed strips of old sheer curtains and my most favorite table cloth. My dogs when they were puppies had torn a hole in it and I have kept it trying to decide how to fix it. I used strips of it in the center. It looks so much better in real time. My camera phone does not do it justice. It is a size 8. I just have to sew down the lace on the shoulders and then off to my Etsy site it goes. I just wish I could make a living doing this. I could do it all day. Way too much fun!


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