Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall is On It's Way! Time to Break Out the Sweaters.

I made a very cool oversized sweater dress for my Etsy store. I kinda wanted to keep it for myself, but as I have said many times before... don't make any money if I keep it all!!
It sold in two hours after I listed it!! OH MY!!
Here it is.

Pretty cute huh. I was glad and sorry to see it go. I get too attached to my creations.
But someone is going to have a very cool sweater top for winter.

Well, that meant I had to make another one. I couldn't find another fun doily for the front, but I made this one.

Not quite as fancy. but check out the back....

I added a sweet little tie for smaller sizes.

Ok, this one was my favorite too. I could see someone wearing their Wellies Boots in the garden and this dress....

I added a pretty rose linen skirt underneath.
Anyway, I have been busy! These will be added to my Etsy store in the next few days.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Work In Progress...

My photographs for my Etsy store sucked big time! I needed to make a change. Being of little income, it was hard to come up with a solution. Etsy likes plain white backgrounds. I wanted a little more of something behind my dresses. I found this great company that sells vinyl backdrops for photography. They are AWESOME! So many choices. So I ordered this one.....

I have a cool door like this in my room but I can't get enough space in front of it to take good pictures. So this is second best. Of course I don't have the logo on mine.
So my pictures went from this...

To this....

I think it looks better and my site is looking more unified.

Check out their website SwankyPrints  Their customer service was great by the way.


Oh, if you REALLY like this jacket and can't live without it. You can purchase it here. (if it is still available!)