Monday, July 30, 2012

My New Purse

Had too much fun in my sewing room the other day. I said I needed a new purse and here it is. It started innocently enough with a nice linen looking osnaburg and I was just going to applique one big rose on it, but it needed a smaller rose to balance it, then maybe a leaf, and well I guess I got carried away. this is side one, and.....
Side two. It has two cool pockets that are actually the cutouts from the handles..they are kind of a wedge shape. I of course appliqued a few flowers on them so I could see them in the dark purple inside. I still need a cool big button. Want to make one for yourself? Go here for the pattern...
It's easy and fun to customize. Use the leftover fabric from around the handles for pockets. I also iron fusible interfacing to the lining to give it more body.

Now onto an Ipad case for my new birthday present. Later All!

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