Monday, August 6, 2012

Wash Everything She Says....

In reading my Fusing Fun book from Laura Wasilowski the other day, Laura says to wash all your fabrics first so the fusible web would stick better. I don't want tooo..... (said in a whiny voice.. feet stamping).  I guess she says this for a reason.  Fine, so I'll do it! Well Ok, I did have a few things that didn't want to stick very well. So guess what I did all day yesterday!
Yeah, it was wash day. This is only half the pile. The other half is by the ironing board. But one nice thing about spending a day ironing is that you fall in love with your fabrics all over again.
This gem was folded up and I haven't really looked at it in quite a while. I found all kinds of great combinations of colors ranging from bright green to dark purple. I'll be using this for sure!

I'm still working on it today. But along with all the ironing I did finish one of my quilts.
This was my first attempt at the "Laura Wasilowski" style. I still need to work on it a bit. Next time I'll leave more room around the edges so my main picture doesn't get covered up by the border. I'm thinking about donating this to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. You can click my link and check it out. You can support them by either putting in a bid for a quilt or buying one outright. All money goes to Alzheimer's research.
Later..... the iron is calling. Sigh....

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