Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Is Not A Cat Free Zone!

I thought I would do a bit of a post about pet safety in the sewing room.
I have to make sure my pins are secure and my scissors are put away. All very nice toys. I actually found his sister with a needle dangling  out of her mouth. She had swallowed the thread and the needle was dangling from her mouth. Thankfully I found her just in time! I now put everything under cover. So think about cat safety in your sewing room. They are slick little devils! Pincushions are pretty handy.. to us and them.
No matter what time of day I head to the basement sewing room. Today I have a Helper. He is very snoopy and always gets in the way.
He has his own special way of letting me know something is OK. Here he is inspecting an outfit I'm working on. I think I got his approval to proceed.

Thankfully despite all his help, I was able to finish up.

Here is the approved project.

Later All! Enjoy your weekend!

Bunny and Alex

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