Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finally! Made Something That I Could Wear!

I have been having fun at the thrift store bag day. But I'm terrible at remembering to look at the sizes. I look at style and what I can make from it with blinders on. I get home, wash everything and realize everything is small or medium. Sorry girls, I'm not a small or medium. Not for at least 30 years at least. Going through my basket of possibilities I found this luscious brown top in a large. It was nice and stretchy. Perfect! I found some other chocolate brown tops begging for upcycling. I had a skirt I had attempted to make sooo many years ago. I found it trying to organize my sewing room the other day and decided it was a perfect addition.
So here is my new creation. I tried it on and Lo and behold, it fit. Of course I had to add it to my Etsy store. Can't make a sale if I keep everything cool! Nice thing about this outfit is anyone could wear it and look awesome!


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