Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Hundred Items Goal

I have an Etsy store I'm trying to make a go at. Every indication is that people like what I make, but no actual buyers yet. Not sure what I'm doing wrong as yet. But the grapevine says volume is what I need. So I have been a very busy bee in my little basement sewing room. I have even decided to add some little girls outfits to the mix. I think I have finally found my calling. I love mixing and matching thrift-store finds to make something new. I tried to put together a tutorial but none of my outfits ever turns out the way I first plan. The fabric starts to talk to me and it dictates what it wants to become. So here are some of my latest projects. Maybe someday if I can stay on tract I'll put a tutorial together.

This was made from a very comfy old hoodie my mom gave me. I cut off the bottom and cut up some t-shirts I found. Oh to find more pretty periwinkle purple t-shirts.. my favorite color! They are hard to find.

I loved making this dress. I used some wonderful heirloom linens my Grandmother gave me that I knew I would never use. Here is a picture of the back.
I think it would make a sweet summer country wedding dress... don't you?

Here is a little girls top I made from the bottom of the hoodie.

I can just see this with some cute leggings and girls cowboy boots!
Too bad I don't have any granddaughters..... yet!

A friend of mine took this picture of her daughter wearing my black velvet creation. Spooky and elegant at the same time. I get lots of lookie loos for this on my Etsy site. It really needs to go home with someone!

Anyway, I have been having the time of my life making all these crazy creations. I can only hope that someday they make me the living I'm wanting so bad.



  1. I know just what you are going through! I started a web site just over a year ago with encouragement from family and friends and as of yet not sold any thing from it! I know people like what I make too but just no buyers yet! Keep working at it as they sell at some point. I think one of the problems is people don't want to pay for creativity! and time as each one of our projects takes time to make.
    I am a 57 years old and have some medical problems in the past so choose not to work outside our home. I have great hopes that my products will start to sell at some point and will furnish us with a bit of income as we get ready for retirement.
    Don't give up and keep working on your great projects. You have a very unique style that I am sure will sell.
    Good luck to you Linda

    1. Linda, thank you for the encouraging words. I really hope I can make this work. There are ladies on Etsy making between $20k to $60K doing the same thing. I just wish I knew what they were doing to succeed! I'm a big fraidy cat to even ask. Good luck with your quilting business. I tried that for a while and quilts are a hard sell. I have had some luck with smaller items like Ipad cases. I too am trying to work from home. Being 56, I have found getting job has been very hard to do.