Saturday, August 3, 2013

Custom Work

I was so excited to get my second order from my Etsy store. A stranger this time. I feel like I might actually make it. Still tons of work to do to get noticed!!! But my customer also wanted another dress. She gave me free reign. (I hate free reign). I of course stressed big time. What if she didn't like what I made? These dresses look easy. Just sew a bunch of scraps together. No such luck. There is at least 8 hours of hard work in each of these two. That doesn't count my date with the seam ripper..... twice. The blue one I actually tore down twice before I was happy.

Here is the second one I made.

I made a sweet little flower from the collar of one of the blouses used in the skirt. I thought it turned out pretty well.

She liked the blue one. So the pink one is now available for sale!!!

Back to the basement :)


  1. Your upcycled clothes are so great! I am stopping by via Linked In. Good luck with your Etsy shop. I know it takes time to pick up steam there!

  2. Miss Val, thank you so much for your kind comment. I really love what I do. Just want to see a little more action in the financial end. I have lots of lookers. It does take time and lots of work!

    Good luck to you too!